Attention Doctor Who Fans! The 13th Doctor Has Visited My Daughter!

So, yeah, I’ll admit it.  My daughters and I like watching Doctor Who.  My oldest, Audrey, (age 12), even likes watching all the old episodes from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

My youngest, Celeste, (age 6), prefers the newer episodes.  The 9th Doctor, (Christopher Eccleston), is her favorite.  But the other day she brought me a picture she’d drawn and said it was The Doctor.

13th Doctor

Doesn’t look a thing like the 9th Doctor.  Doesn’t really look like any Doctor I’ve seen, not even the new 12th Doctor.  Celeste giggled and said, “And he talks like a girl.”

Doesn’t sound like any Doctor I’ve heard.  Not yet anyway.  Could it be that my daughter was visited by…The 13th Doctor?

My suspicions were confirmed during my morning shift at the Terry Library.  I was checking in the book drop and when I opened a child’s picture book, this visage confronted me:

the master

Even though the air conditioning in that section of the building barely works, I still shivered in the grips of a sudden chill, for I instantly recognized the insane gaze of The Doctor’s arch nemesis:  The Master.

When we discover scribbling and drawings in our library books, we’re required to write a dated notation on the pocket so that some future patron will not be blamed for the markings.  The notation in this book was dated 2008.  As always, The Master is playing a long game, angling to be in the perfect position when rebirth occurs and his universe-ending plans can finally be executed.

Peter Capaldi is only now starting his run as the 12th Doctor.  I hope that he has a long and entertaining run.  But when that run finally ends, stay tuned!  The Master will arise:

the master two

And this is the one who can stop him!

the 13th doctor 2

Intelligent.  Brave.  Witty.  Strong.  And he talks like a girl.

It’s gonna be a doozy!



4 thoughts on “Attention Doctor Who Fans! The 13th Doctor Has Visited My Daughter!

  1. From 2014? You do know the Master is set to appear now that we’re into the final days(?) of the 12th Doctor? Does your daughter have predictive abilities? Wow. Just Wow…

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