Dadahead Didn’t Make The Move

This blog is supposed to be about what I’ve brought with me, but I had to leave a lot behind.  Like Dadahead.


Dadahead was made in the summer of 2002.  At that time I was still with the Red Octopus Theater Co.  We were doing a summer show of sketch comedy in the back room of a micro brew pizza joint called Vino’s.   We had just learned that putting local ads on late night basic cable was surprisingly cheap and I had already used my shiny new G4 to create an advertisement for our spring show:  Murder At the Prom.

The sketch comedy show was called Pagans By The Pool.  An advertisement idea possessed my brain, but I couldn’t verbally describe it.  So I just ran out and made the thing.  I’m still quite proud of it.  Take a look:

Dadahead was made of canvas, chicken wire, crepe paper, pie plates, paint, and poster board. Renee Williams, artist extrordinaire and owner of Gallery 26, painted the face so that he’d actually have a personality.  My old friend Kathleen Pyeatt agreed to appear wearing a swimsuit and a mask.

We shot the video in one afternoon at Martha Alman’s pool, sucked all the video into my computer, and then Steve Ross and I put it all together.  Donavan Suitt did the voice over.  Sandy Baskin, Aisha Credit, Donavan and I did the voices.  And then the damn thing aired twice on late night Little Rock cable television — during The Daily Show, I think.  Don’t know if anyone came to see Pagans by the Pool because of this ad, but I still love the idea that it happened.

Later Dadahead made a live stage appearance after Jennifer Pierce suggested that we do a sketch about Dada Square Dancing.  After that I lovingly tucked him away in our shed.

Our brown recluse spider infested shed.

So, I couldn’t take Dadahead with me.  He was full of poisonous spiders.  Bye Bye Dadahead.  I’ll miss you.


By, the way, the guitar didn’t make the move either.  It was also full of venomous spiders.  Don’t feel bad for it, it was already ruined.  The only reason I’d held onto it was I had this vague idea of making a music video for a song called “Creeger”.

“Creegar” was one of the best songs on an unreleased tape called Wa-Huh by my old group The Glands.  (Or as they’re now known:  “The Glands (Little Rock)”.  I have to make that distinction because there have since been other bands from other geographical locations called The Glands.) The song is performed by the great Sternodox Keckhaver, Pope of all Arkansas.

Sterno was always vague about what “skleegars” are.  “You just don’t want to get in ’em” was all he’d say.  In this studio version of the song he calls them “mutant plants”,  so in the video I wanted to show mutant plants destroying a guitar.  That never happened, so I let Dadahead keep the guitar.  I’ll leave the rest of you with the song.   Here’s “Creegar”, recorded, I think, in 1990:


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