Lay a Blade to the Packing Tape

Our new home is twice the size of our old one.  It could easily be the last house I live in.  The once promising emptiness of its many rooms have been replaced by a chaos of boxes slowly being unpacked.  With puffs of dust and a scurry of spider legs, tantalizing artifacts from my five decades of life come to light.  Old tapes, records, CDs and data disks.  Notes for stories.  Notes for melodies.

Will these notes remain seeds, or will some of them germinate and sprout?

Hmm.  Look at this old paperback.

Steel Crocodile coverCompton back cover compton splash page

THE STEEL CROCODILE.  Copyright 1970 by D.G. Compton.  I’ve never read anything by D.G. Compton, but I’ve found several of his paperbacks in these boxes I’ve been unpacking.  I guess I got intrigued by him when I saw part of a movie by Bernard Tavernier called DEATH WATCH, which was based on Compton’s THE CONTINUOUS KATHERINE MORTENHOE (aka THE UNSLEEPING EYE.)

THE STEEL CROCODILE seems to be about some corporate monolithic computer cult.  Very paranoid sixties.  What could it possibly say to those of us living in the 21st century…living in the future?

And yet, that Ace Special format.  That Leo and Diane Dillon cover art.  It calls to me.

I’ll make a resolution now.  Every other novel I read will be one of the hundreds of paperbacks I’ve bought over the years.  I’ll start with this one.

(By the way, the movie DEATH WATCH finally came out in digital form.  It’s worth seeing if you like that rarest of all movie genres:  Quiet Science Fiction.)

I’m starting this totally random blog in the vague hope of kick starting my rusted up writing motor.  As I unpack more boxes, I hope that in addition to sharing curious paperbacks and the like, I might be able to share some words that I have written, some music that I have played, and maybe even some theatre I have participated in.  For now I’ll leave you with the results of a link a friend of mine sent to me 2 1/2 years ago. It gives instructions for generating fictitious album covers by fictitious bands.  When I tried it I ended up with these:

DiscusRE Job DiscusRE Job

I didn’t use a very good font color on the second.  If you can’t see it, the title of this exciting album by Shankar Hussain is “be serious when people laugh”.

Here’s the link to the instructions:

See you again soon with something else random.


5 thoughts on “Lay a Blade to the Packing Tape

  1. Waiting :: drums fingers on desk ::

    Seriously. Write now. (I admit this is me telling myself to get moving, too. HILD II is not going to write itself…)

    Meanwhile, how was DG Compton?

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